November 2021 Conference - Track #1

Opening Remarks

The Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA) leadership kicks off our annual conference with opening remarks and a brief state of the union.

An Interview with Kyle Schmutzler, CEO of Simply Self Storage

Join Ian Burnstein for this keynote interview of Kyle Schmutzler, CEO of Simply Self Storage. Learn about Kyle’s journey in self-storage, his tenure and role with Simply Self Storage, and his viewpoint on the self-storage industry.

Missing calls could be costing you $10K/mos. presented by Cygnus IT Systems

Gain insights into this problem, how much it’s costing you, and what you can do to remedy the situation. Scott Kube of Cygnus Systems will help you evaluate your options to maximize occupancy and not miss out on gaining new customers.

Tenant Insurance Made Easy presented by SBOATI

The tenant insurance experts are gathered to educate you on:

  • The benefits of offering tenant insurance
  • Being integrated with kiosks, point-of-sale systems, websites and contactless move-ins
  • Claims and in-house licensed adjusting
  • Nationally Certified Catastrophic claims team
  • Online employee training

Real Estate Panel: Peak Performance for the Self-Storage Asset Class

Where are we, where are we going, and how do we compare to the commercial real estate asset classes. There is no denying that the self-storage industry sustained the COVID-19 pandemic and is recession resilient. Come join this panel of experts to learn more about the performance of the self-storage asset class.

The Creation of the SSA Women's Council

Join Theresa Gallas, SSA Women’s Council Advisory Board member, for a walk down memory lane as to how and why the council was created. The vision of the council is to develop and nurture a community that contributes to successful living, work, leadership and service. With the mission of promoting the success of women in the industry through education, mentorship, networking, and service. Learn how you can join the council today (sorry fellas only ladies can join)!

Knocking Out Growth & Acquisitions with KO Storage

KO Storage has had rapid growth over the last two years all while in the middle of a national pandemic. Come listen to the company founders as they discuss their company culture, growth strategy, and trials and tribulations of their journey thus far in the self-storage industry. These hustlers are full of energy and are always looking for what is new and what is next!

Data Driven Decisions ... SHOW ME THE MONEY! presented by Stortrack

It’s difficult with so many data points available to know what really matters, and more important … how do I use available data to make better buying and building decisions. This discussion with Jody Burks and RK Kliebenstein demonstrates the important of finding good information and using it to make better informed decisions.

Attracting New Customers & Keeping Happy Customers presented by Everbrite Coatings

Learn how to differentiate your curb appeal to gain more customers and keep your current customers happy by creating a maintenance plan.

  • How to get noticed by drive-by prospects
  • What a clean facility means for your customers
  • Creating a plan for maintenance projects
  • Pitfalls of maintenance procrastination

How SBA Loans Can Help Grow Your Business presented by Live Oak Bank

Live Oak Bank is the largest small business lender in the country. With a team focused exclusively on self-storage and over $800 million in self-storage loans to date, Live Oak has the industry expertise to help you expand, buy new facilities, and build from the ground up. Anna Taylor, Vice President of Self-Storage Lending, will walk you through the basics of SBA loans and what it takes to get approved.

Operations Panel: Using Technology to Create Operational Efficiencies

The self-storage industry, a now 60 year old industry, has grown to a 43 billion dollar global market. With this level of growth owners and operators can no longer survive off old, independent processes and systems. There are many great technology partners in the space, and now is the time to get rid of legacy self-storage technology that could be impairing your operational efficiencies. Learn from the experts about upgrading your technology to meet your future business goals.

Self-Storage Clubhouse Group: Join the Latest Self-Storage Community

Clubhouse is a social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time. Do you like sharing your ideas with others? Do you like learning what others in the industry are doing? Do you love being able to listen to a podcast and not have to share your screen like on a Zoom call? The founders of this group gather industry professionals and leaders every week to present to you their areas of expertise in the industry. Join in every Tuesday at 9:00 AM Central. Come learn from the founders of the Self-Storage Clubhouse Facebook Group about the community and following they have built in the self-storage industry.

How Automation Can Help you Do More presented by Storable

At Storable, we believe our technology can help you: (make these bullet points) Maximize revenue at your facility, Run your storage business more efficiently, Create a Five-Star tenant experience. Join Trace Weaver, Senior Sales Executive at Storable, as he walks through the industry’s most comprehensive suite of storage technology.

Simplifying and Improving the Customer Rental Experience presented by Easy Storage Solutions

Join Matt Fiztell, Account Executive with Easy Storage Solutions as he demonstrates how you can leverage Easy Storage Solutions Software to:

  • Rent from anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Get signed up on automated billing
  • E-sign the agreement and get a gate code for immediate access

Marketing Panel: On Target - Dominating the Local Market Online & Offline

A three to five miles radius is the bullseye that every owner/operator should be focusing on for their marketing efforts. But, how do you know if you are doing the right things to optimize your marketing dollars? The experts will share with you their winning strategies for hitting the bullseye both online and offline.

The Secret to Effective Employee Onboarding presented by SynchronyHR

Join the experts from SynchronyHR to learn about the advantages of electronic onboarding, which include the digitization of forms for improved accuracy; simple, electronic I-9 verification; and time saved from a consistent process across various states and locations.

National SSA Update

The Self Storage Association (SSA) is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization formed in 1975. For more than 40 years the Association has served as the official trade organization and voice of the U.S. and international self-storage industry. SSA’s President and CEO Tim Dietz will cover what the SSA has been doing on the legislative front and why it’s important to be a part of the national organization for self-storage.

An Interview with Dan Fiebelkorn, Senior Partner of Solyco Advisors

Dan Fiebelkorn from Solyco Advisors will inform you about the Employer Retention Tax Credit which can get you a cash refund even if you received the Payment Protection Loan. You may have heard of it in the news or through your CPA but many businesses are still not taking advantage of it because they are uninformed.

SBOA Conference Testimonials

“Way to be pioneers in the storage space and get the virtual conference world kick started for our industry."
Shawn R. Hill
The BSC Group
"We have participated in several recent investment bank research virtual events. Yours was superior in the interest level of topics discussed. Very well done. Congratulations to you, Ian and everyone at SBOA for hosting an excellent format."
Marc Boorstein
MJ Partners Real Estate Services

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