November 2021 Conference - Track #2

3 Easy Ways Data Helps you Optimize your Pricing Strategy presented by Stortrack & List Self Storage

When it comes to increasing profitability, making the right pricing decisions is key. However, managers and operators face some challenges when it’s time to price their units, including: keeping up with current market trends, new supply, and the evolving shift to digital. While many shy away from “data”, data can (easily) help operators, both big and small, in optimizing rates and increasing profitability.

How to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts in 2022 presented by Vivial

Vivial’s team will walk through five foundational elements to developing and achieving success with your digital marketing strategy. Vivial’s team is ready to share advice to help your local storage facility finish out the year strong and jumpstart 2022 planning. The tactics covered will include: responsive websites, online listings like Google My Business, social profiles on Facebook and Twitter, content marketing, and video.


Your Competitive Advantage in Today’s Marketplace presented by XPS Solutions

XPS Solutions – Thousands of Sites, Millions of dollars in transactions, Millions of live interactions If you are new to storage or in growth mode adding or building additional site or have are a mature business and stabilizer role we are all looking for “The Competitive Edge” in our businesses. This session will discuss how to separate yourselves in the marketplace:

  1. Stop the Shopping our data proves that 20% of your total communication is with Prospects that want to do business “it’s called the zero moment of truth”
  2. 40-60% of your time is engaged with tenants that needs to be automated
  3. 20-40% of all communications you can empower your tenants to be able to do what they need without using your staff.

The Great Debate: To Autopay or Not to Autopay

Every business owner loves to know money is coming in and hitting the bank account. But, is autopay right for your customer or should you give them payment options? When is the best time to consider implementing autopay? What is the best verbiage to use when implementing? Let these experts share their thoughts with you and you make the final choice … to autopay or not!

3rd Party Management Panel: When is it Right for Your Business?

Over the last decade, the self-storage landscape has changed significantly, with 3rd party management becoming an easier option to navigate. The experts on this panel will lay out the questions that you should ask when vetting a third-party management company, as well as explain the many benefits of using third-party management.

Making the Most of Your Access Control Investment presented by PTI Security Systems

Are you looking to simplify security without sacrificing quality or the customer experience? Whether you’re a single-site operator or managing an ever-growing portfolio, we’ll walk through what the future of access control software looks like and how you can take advantage of it. Topics include:

  • How to manage security across a portfolio
  • How to build notifications so you never miss important on-site activity
  • How to leverage dashboards to quickly diagnose potential security threats or issues

Don’t Be LIENient with Lien Sales presented by

At, we know how important it is that the auction process be both legally compliant AND efficient. Wasted time means bad debt and unrentable space sitting on your property longer than necessary. Join Donna Morgan-Esquibel to learn and discuss how a streamlined online auction process can not only improve your auction results, but ensure you’re always in legal compliance.

How to answer self-storage’s #1 question: “How much space do I need?” presented by Calcumate

Being the question storage operators are asked most often, it’s the one that requires the most in-house training, industry experience and negotiation with the customer. Calcumate, our 3D storage calculator, bundles all that industry knowledge into an easy-to-use tool – providing your future customers with a clear image of what their items would look like inside the correct sized unit. Our CEO, Joshua, will run you through how you can customize the calculator for your own storage facilities and have it up and running on your website in minutes.

Finance Panel: Trends in the Self-Storage Financing Marketplace

Commercial real estate has experienced historically low interest rates for commercial loans over the last 18 months. Join this group of highly-skilled commercial loan experts as they share their thoughts on how this will help maximize returns on investments for owners/operators and investors.

Leverage Your Self-Storage Communication with an All-In-One Platform presented by CallPotential

Learn how the #1 Communication Platform in Self Storage integrates and connects all your conversations so you have complete control of your customer experience. Join us as Scott Worden walks through our award-winning platform and shares why over 40% of the ISS Top Operators use CallPotential to power their operations.

Why are Facilities Turning to Online Auctions? presented by

Discussing the facts and fiction of doing auctions online and why its a much smoother option for managers and operators. Join Tony Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing, as he shares his years of experience in aiding facilities with the transition from live auctions to online.

An Interview with Patrick Mizer, SVP of Engineering of Storable

Join Ian Burnstein as he interviews Patrick Mizer, SVP of Engineering of Storable, as they discuss the evolution of technology in the self-storage industry. Learn how proper usage of the right technology is driving profitability for owners/operators and helping to drive improved customer experience.

Development Panel: Constructing Building and Development Success

Developing self-storage facilities is no easy task and can take years to do accurately. Now, throw in a national pandemic on top of this causing major delays. Learn from the experts on the best ways to navigate through the development process from potential site issues, permitting, financing, weather and materials, and managing sub-contractors. Also, set yourself up for success from the beginning by planning a climate-controlled strategy to optimize facility performance.

SBOA Conference Testimonials

“Way to be pioneers in the storage space and get the virtual conference world kick started for our industry."
Shawn R. Hill
The BSC Group
"We have participated in several recent investment bank research virtual events. Yours was superior in the interest level of topics discussed. Very well done. Congratulations to you, Ian and everyone at SBOA for hosting an excellent format."
Marc Boorstein
MJ Partners Real Estate Services

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