November 2020 Conference Videos

Welcome/Opening Remarks

Join the SBOA founder, Ian Burnstein, as he kicks off the second virtual conference of 2020: Bring it on 2021.

Introducing the SBOA Member Chat

Learn about the new SBOA website feature, SBOA Community, and the functionality and purpose. Easily exchange help, resources, advice, connections and more in less than 5 minutes a week. Reduce the stigma of asking for help and join the SBOA Community feature today! Ian Burnstein (SBOA) is joined by panelist Larry Freed (Give and Take Inc).

Self Storage Transaction Market Update:
Where we stand on acquisitions, development, and financing.

Come hear self storage experts discuss the state of the transaction market in the self storage industry. Impact of the COVID crisis and the recession on:
– Transaction Volume
– Pricing and cap rates
– Emergence of Secondary and Tertiary markets
– Is this development cycle over?

David Levenfeld (Storage Pros Management, LLC) moderates this discussion and is joined by panelists Shawn Hill (The BSC Group), Marc Boorstein (MJ Partners), Benjamin Macfarland (SROA Capital, LLC), and Mike Rogers (Life Storage).

Facility Indoor Air Quality

A clean and safe facility is becoming a popular topic in the current environment. Outside of contactless customer interaction, there are ways to make sure your self-storage facility’s air is a safe place for your customers. Join to learn the best tips, tricks, and products to make sure you have clean air in your facilities. We will review establishing baselines for your facilities and the different levels of indoor air quality options owners are deploying to make their customers feel like their facility is a safe place to go. This breakout session is hosted by Dave Hettinger (Motili) and Rob Keil (EnerAllies).

SBA Financing for Self-Storage Businesses

Join Bishesh Shrestha, a self-storage owner, investor, and lender, as he discusses SBA financing for self-storage businesses. He will cover the SBA’s two premier programs; the SBA 7a and the SBA 504, and how you can use them to buy, build, expand, and even refinance a self-storage facility. Bishesh will discuss the terms, conditions, and requirements of the programs so you will know what to expect when you apply for an SBA loan. Join Bishesh for SBA Financing for Self-Storage Businesses so that you can be prepared for your next self-storage project and avoid costly mistakes.

The Future is Contactless

Join Jim Ferguson, Storable Product Manager, and Jim Mooney, Jr., VP of Operations at Freedom Storage Management, to discuss the future of contactless operations in the Self Storage industry and how SiteLink software has the capabilities to continuously power an excellent customer experience in the years ahead.

Three Key Elements for Optimizing Operations

This presentation will cover the operational value of real-time competitor data and what historical trends may indicate. Viewers will learn how to leverage information to impact NOI and stay competitive through marketing and sales opportunities. This breakout session is hosted by Jody Burks (StorTrack).

How the Kiwi IR Provides Affordable Facility Monitoring

Internet of things (IoT) innovator, Skyhawk, recently unveiled its latest product to monitor self-storage units for unauthorized entry: The Kiwi IR. The Kiwi IR is a perfect fit for self-storage facilities that wish to offer their customers the ability to remotely monitor their units for access or entry without the expense of hardwired security systems. The Kiwi IR requires no external power or Wi-Fi, takes minutes to deploy, and sends time-stamped notifications via text, email, or through the Skyhawk CE app when it detects activity in a unit. The Kiwi IR upends the conventional security formula, eliminating operator installation costs and hassles while generating extra long-term revenue from the sale of this revolutionary new cellular-based portable IoT security product. This breakout session is hosted by Andrew Harshman (Skyhawk) and Becky McMurray (Skyhawk).

Informed Acquisition Decisions

This discussion will evaluate the value of different metrics and how to make data-driven decisions. We will discuss what certain data points reveal about the value of an opportunity and how investors can infer information based on these analytics. This breakout session, hosted by List Self Storage, features R.K. Kliebenstein (StorTrack).

Understanding Tenant Insurance & Maximizing your Revenue Potential

Join Bryan Mosser (SBOATI) as he chats with Michael Haugh (Absolute Storage Management), Dave Benson (Morningstar Properties), and Michael Berger (U-Store) as they share the secrets to really understanding the value of offering tenant insurance at facilities.

Under-Utilized Features of Management Software

Management Software can bring your storage facility from good to great. However, if you aren’t utilizing all the features available in the software, you are missing out on ways to improve your business. In this presentation, we will discuss some of the most commonly under-utilized features of management software and why these features are important. This breakout session is hosted by James Hesch (Easy Storage Solutions) with panelist Davin Meinhardt (Easy Storage Solutions).

Third Party Management

This session will discuss the advantages of third party management in today’s climate. Additionally, we will share strategies and techniques these operators implement to maximize the value of assets. This breakout session is moderated by Ian Burnstein (SBOA), featuring speakers Mark Poole (Liberty Investment Properties), Scott Beatty (Absolute Storage Management), and Guy Middlebrooks (Cubesmart), along with panelist Dale Payne (Life Storage).

How to Automate Your Operations

Automating your facility is complicated, right? Not exactly. Join Storable’s Product Marketing Manager, Matthew Beal, to discuss the full range of automation and how it can be more simple and practical than you may think. Automation isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. When it’s tailored to your operation, your business can run more efficiently and effectively while improving the tenant and staff experience.

Self Storage Industry Chat with Aaron Swerdlin and David Cramer

Join Aaron Swerdlin from Newmark as he chats with David Cramer from NSA about the self storage industry.

Post Pandemic: How Employers are Preparing for 2021

Companies have gone through a digital transformation this year. Long lasting effects on how we work will carry beyond 2021. Work place culture, federal and state legislation, health care and technology will play a major role in our new normal. This breakout session is moderated by Keith Tirico (SynchronyHR).

Live Demo: PTI's StorLogix Cloud

Join us as we walk through a live view of PTI’s new cloud-based access control platform, StorLogix Cloud. This is the perfect session for customers and prospects who are looking to get an inside view of the features and functionalities available with a cloud-based tool. This breakout session includes speakers Ryan Stewart (PTI Security Systems) and Nathan Davenport (PTI Security Systems).

Financing Self Storage During a Pandemic

A detailed discussion of financing options for stabilized, lease-up and development self storage properties. This breakout session is hosted by Adam Karnes (The BSC Group).

The Evolution and Future of the SBOA

Join the SBOA President, Jeniece Carter-Rae for the highlights for 2020 with our expansion of programs, services, new website, updates to SBOA and future plans for 2021.

Revenue Management: Is 100% Occupancy the Right Business Strategy?

Join Markak Skrzypcz, Director of Operations, from Atlantic Self Storage as he talks through the trends on occupancy strategies, the give and take on balancing revenue management and best practices to drive added revenue to your business.

Safety and Risk Management

With COVID cases on the upswing in areas across the country, workplace safety and employee risk management has fallen squarely on the shoulders of business owners. Fluid legislation and moral responsibility are now in play. This round table session includes speakers Keith Tirico (SynchronyHR) and Max Rowe (Assured Partners).

Self Storage Tax Laws and Planning Strategies

During this round table talk, Ty Meinhardt (Easy Storage Solutions) will be discussing the pros and cons of cost segregation, and how it can be beneficial for owners in the right situation. Ty will also discuss entity structure and tax consequences, including:
– Choosing the best entity structure for you and it’s effect on your business
– The best way to set up your business now to save on taxes and have flexibility in the future to expand or change.

The Future is Contactless

Continue the conversations from the earlier breakout session with Jim Ferguson, Storable Product manager, and Jim Mooney, Jr., VP of Operations at Freedom Storage Management, During this roundtable, we’ll talk about how you’re addressing the desire for a contactless tenant experience, challenges you’ve endured, and the benefits you’ve seen.

SBOA Member Chat: Transforming Your Community into a Knowledge Collaboration Network

Your network is powerful, but often under utilized. How tapping your network for advice, along with paying it forward and helping others, will lead to success for all. This round table includes speaker Larry Freed (Give and Take Inc).

Online Auctions: Back to the Basics

Modern technology allows us to successfully post and sell a unit without the hassle associated with auction day. Quick results with an instant price for your units up for auction. This round table includes speaker Tony Johnson (Self Storage

2021 Operational and Technology Trends

What’s your Strategy for 2021 to keep your facilities moving forward from an operational and technology standpoint? Industry experts talk about what stays and what goes heading into 2021. Best practices, key learnings, future technology strategies, and more to be shared. This panel is moderated by Jeniece Carter-Rae (SBOA) and includes panelists Mark Poole (Liberty Investment Properties), Mike Pizzella (Stay Lock Storage), John Lindsey (Lindsey Self Storage Group), and Jim Mooney (Freedom Storage Management).

SBOA Conference Testimonials

“Way to be pioneers in the storage space and get the virtual conference world kick started for our industry."
Shawn R. Hill
The BSC Group
"We have participated in several recent investment bank research virtual events. Yours was superior in the interest level of topics discussed. Very well done. Congratulations to you, Ian and everyone at SBOA for hosting an excellent format."
Marc Boorstein
MJ Partners Real Estate Services

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