Easy Storage Solutions Is Proud to Announce the Launch of Their Rebrand

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Easy Storage Solutions, a leading provider of software for the self storage industry, launched its  rebrand on Monday, January 20th. The comprehensive rebrand elevates their focus on simplifying the self storage industry and included a new logo, slogan, color scheme and website.

Easy Storage Solutions’ rebrand is not just cosmetic. They’ve updated their slogan to “Storage Simplified”, and now label their services as “Integrated Solutions To Manage Your Self Storage Business”. The new branding focuses on the simplicity of its management software, as well as their additional services, which includes call answering, SEO and digital marketing, tenant protection plans, accounting and bookkeeping, and cloud access control.

On a design level, the original Easy Storage Solutions logo represented simplifying the self storage industry. The new logo keeps this representation while putting an emphasis on providing integrated solutions to manage self storage businesses more effectively.

“Here at Easy Storage Solutions, we have always had a central focus of helping the client succeed in simple and easy ways. With our new branding package, we feel like we now have a brand that symbolizes our central focus and matches what we are truly about at Easy Storage Solutions. Our new branding will hopefully allow storage owners and operators to see our true colors, a business that utilizes technology to make their lives easier and more effective. We see this as a new chapter of Easy Storage Solutions, one that emulates our core values of helping small to medium sized facility owners run their business on a professional level without breaking the bank.” – Ken Turley CMO of Easy Storage Solutions.

Easy Storage Solutions’ empowers self storage facilities to simplify their management process with easy-to-use technology that makes running a business easy, effective, and affordable. Visit Easy Storage Solutions’ new website, storageunitsoftware.com , to view their new branding and learn more about their array of services.

About Easy Storage Solutions:

Easy Storage Solutions provides industry-leading management software for small to medium sized self storage facilities. Our management software’s simplistic interface makes it easy for users to customize their website, set up recurring billing and payment reminders, run reports, and much more. We also offer an array of additional services that integrate seamlessly with our software. Easy Storage Solutions is an industry leader that continuously strives to provide storage facilities with the tools they need to grow their business. Our platform aids to simplify the self storage industry and everything we do is to enhance our mission of “Storage Simplified”.

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