Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Gain answers to your frequently asked questions about the Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA). If you still have additional questions, reach out to our team at

No. Simply input your main corporate office address, and the amount of locations you operate. An SBOA Representative will handle the rest!

No. In fact, it is common for members to sign up based on a single vendor deal. Invariably, we find our members are learning about more opportunities to save money and are taking advantage of savings they did not know were available. 

The SSA and State Associations are essentially advocacy groups, promoting the industry in political settings and dedicated to education and general industry promotion. Neither the SSA nor State Associations may select vendors for special relationships to the exclusion of other vendors. As an independent association, the SBOA is free to make choices that benefit the expense savings and profitability of its members. 

Absolutely! We continually add new vendors and work to improve the deals we offer with our existing vendors. 

Yes. Many of our members have made great suggestions on vendor categories and specific vendors we should contact. So, if you have an idea, use the member feedback section of the website, or contact us directly to discuss your idea. Your fellow members will be grateful. 

No. However, your initial membership period is for one year. If you are not satisfied with the value you are receiving from the SBOA, you can have your membership canceled. 

We chose vendors who offer the best savings and service to our members. Additionally, our selected vendors view this opportunity as a win-win. They understand that offering reduced rates while growing the market share is worthwhile for the growth of their businesses. 

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