Five HR Mistakes Made by Startup Companies

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When starting your own business there are countless items to consider. Finding a location, developing a business plan, financing, branding and everything in between. It can be easy to overlook vital components amidst all the excitement, particularly those pertaining to human resources (HR). As a result, many startups find themselves in violation of HR policies that could threaten the long-term success of their business.

With AlphaStaff’s support and expertise, you are able to focus on the growth of your business, not the administrative burdens. AlphaStaff is here to alleviate those burdens and help educate your team on the ever-changing components of human resources.

1. Failing to Outline Policies in Writing

Formal guidelines ensure your employees cannot claim to be unaware of policies in the case of an infraction. Your startup should commit all policies to writing in the form of an employee handbook.

2. Asking Illegal Questions

Without a background in human resources you may be unaware of question that are out of compliance. Many of these questions are asked during the interview process, which carries a high risk of legal infractions.

3. Traiing Employees Ineffectively

Neglecting employee development is a common issue. Ensuring that personnel receive routine training and are encouraged to develop their careers is crucial for startup success.

4. Hiring Too Quickly

This common mistake can be avoided by ensuring your hiring process is standardized and thorough. A clear job description, detailed interview questions and reference follow-up is vital in making a hire.

5. Failing to Understand Laws and Regulations

Hiring a qualified HR professional with expertise in labor laws is recommended. Otherwise, extensive research is vital. The Department of Labor’s website is a great place to start.

How AlphaStaff Can Help:

  • Protect your investment by making sure the company is HR compliant and sharing some of the equal employment related risk with AlphaStaff’s EPLI policy.
  • Improve your efficiencies with AlphaStaff’s HRIS system and administrative support.
  • Provide the best benefit solution to attract and retain top talent in a tight labor market.
  • Control costs year over year by taking advantage of our economies of scale.
  • Enhance culture with best in class HR processes and procedures.   Learn more
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