How Outsourcing Can Help Your Self-Storage Business Grow

Easy Storage Solutions logoThere are countless aspects to your business that can be outsourced. Digital marketing, human resources, IT services; the list goes on and on. Accounting is one such aspect that’s an especially valid option if you’re considering taking tasks off your overloaded plate.


Accounting requires expertise, is something to consider all year long (not just during tax season), and is greatly impacted by frequently changing laws and regulations. Not to mention that proper management of accounting-related items can save you thousands of dollars.


An outside accounting professional can make a significant impact on your business.  Let’s further discuss how.

Why Should You Outsource At All?

According to a survey by Clutch, over one-third of small businesses utilize outsourcing as part of their strategy. They do so for a variety of reasons, including improving efficiency, saving money, and accessing a set of skills they don’t have in-house.


One of the biggest perks of outsourcing, however, is the time it frees up for business owners. By allowing others to take on tasks that you’re less familiar with, you can not only ensure that the job is done better, but you now have time to focus on the areas you’re skilled in.

What Aspects Of Your Business Can Accounting Services Help With?

Income and Expenses

Properly managing your expenses can make a big difference during tax time. Saving countless receipts without properly labeling them can lead to a massive headache. Don’t put yourself through this year after year. Have an accounting expert determine the best bill pay system.


On the income side of things, did you know that all your income should be divided into categories? Do you know what the best categories for this are? Do you have any idea what’s going on? Well, an accounting professional does.

Paying Your Employees

While a seemingly simple item, payroll has a hidden depth that’s crucial for companies to be aware of. If you search “things to know about payroll”, you’ll see what we mean. Ensure your business doesn’t get behind on new laws by hiring someone whose job it is to stay updated on things like this.

A New Perspective

Bringing in a fresh perspective can both reveal issues you’ve never found as well as reveal new ideas for more efficient processes. This can be especially helpful during a business audit.

Why Is It Important To Make Sure Your Accounting Is Done Right?

Educated Business Decisions

One of the first things successful business owners do is get their accounting items squared away. By knowing what funds they truly have, business owners can make informed decisions about other aspects of the company that may help them grow.


Accounting-related decisions impact all other business decisions. Give them the priority they deserve.

Industry-Specific Laws

Federal and state laws and regulations in the storage industry are not well-known items, even by owners who have worked in the space for years. By outsourcing your accounting services to an individual or company that’s familiar with the storage industry, you can maintain peace of mind knowing you aren’t overpaying on your taxes. Too often, storage facilities pay thousands of dollars more than they should due to a lack of accounting knowledge.

What Other Benefits Are There To Outsourcing Your Accounting Services?

Other than saving you time throughout the year and money on your taxes, an accounting professional outside of your organization can act as an extra set of eyes to keep your employees accountable.


While there’s no guarantee that it would be caught, outside accounting professionals are in the most likely position to notice discrepancies in cash payments that indicate fraud. While no one wants to think their employees would take part in theft, the reality is that it does sometimes happen.

Are You Willing To Pay The Consequences Of Improper Accounting Management?

When it comes down to it, you have to ask yourself whether you’re willing to pay the consequences associated with improper accounting management.


Evaluate how much time you would spend both learning the skills needed to properly do the task as well as the time spent doing the task itself. Where else can that valuable time go?


As many business owners know, decisions based solely on gut feeling don’t always pan out. Do you want to ensure that you have all possible financial information in front of you when deciding on something that could help grow your business?


Storage industry accounting experience can make an enormous difference when it comes time to pay taxes. Are you willing to give up significant savings due to your lack of knowledge surrounding relevant laws?


Outsourcing can be an intimidating item on your to-do list. If moving accounting responsibilities over to a third party aligns with your business goals, however, it’s best to begin looking into professionals. Finding the right partnership will be well worth it in the end.

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