Self Storage Facility Upgrades on a Budget | Webinar Recap

Self Storage Facility Upgrades on a Budget | Webinar Recap

Webinar Description

Does your self storage facility need some upgrades, but you need to watch your budget?

A secure, modernized facility is more likely to attract new renters, maintain tenants, and allow you to charge premium rates! In this episode of Self Storage Unlocked, our expert panelists will discuss their best tips to get those upgrades on your property, while staying within a budget for maximum profitability.

Date: October 6, 2022               Length: 01:00:45

Topics and Questions Discussed

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:15 What is the SBOA?

00:02:00 Housekeeping & Introductions

00:04:10 What does BETCO do?

00:07:38 Who is The BSC Group?

00:09:48 How do Everbrite Coatings work?

00:11:56 What does Forge Building Company do in self-storage?

00:14:20 How can I re-mix my self-storage unit sizes?

00:18:06 Re-roofing a self-storage property

00:22:55 Self-storage door maintenance: when to do it and what is re-skinning?

00:25:28 Restoring self-storage doors the easy way

00:31:30 Financing your self-storage property upgrades

00:35:10 Where can I get money to upgrade my facility?

00:41:08 Are cost segregation studies beneficial?

00:43:45 How valuable is a self-storage office remodel?

00:45:15 Updating your self-storage security

00:50:25 Adding RV and boat to your self-storage business

00:53:48 Is a lender going to look at my self-storage site plan?

00:57:30 Closing comments

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Brandon Maurer
Regional Sales Representative

bsc group logo

Adam Karnes
Vice President 
The BSC Group

everbrite coatings

Jackie Belau
Everbrite Coatings

forge building company

Scotty Sundin
Business Development Manager
Forge Building Company

Jessica Johnson
Vice President

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