Member Spotlight: Patriot Holdings

patriot holdings self-storage

Patriot Holdings is a real estate private equity group that invests in alternative commercial real estate assets, including, self-storage facilities. With decades of experience in the industry, Patriot Holdings works to deliver exceptional returns to its investors. They manage the process of buying, operating, and improving the properties.

Launching Fund for Self-Storage Assets

Earlier this month, Patriot Holdings announced the launch of Patriot Fund II, which will be used to acquire manufactured housing, self-storage, and industrial facilities across the country. This announcement comes after a very prosperous year in the self-storage industry. Patriot will raise up to $25 million from investors to acquire, redevelop or construct these types of facilities. All of their self-storage assets will be aggregated under the brand, All Purpose Storage. Currently, All Purpose Storage has 37 locations under management and is continuing to grow.

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