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Mobile marketing is a must for local businesses – and for a good reason. On average, 69% of people use the internet while they are on the go and average 215 minutes a day using mobile apps. Making it no surprise that mobile advertising spend is expected to surpass 240 billion USD by 2021.

While these are all stunning statistics, you may be wondering what this means for local businesses? Well, it’s fairly simple. If you don’t take advantage of mobile marketing, you are missing out on a huge opportunity for your business.

For example, 60% of Google Searches happen on mobile devices –2x more than it was just five years ago –  and 93% of consumers use internet resources to find local businesses making mobile marketing an excellent way to get new customers.

Not sure where to start? There are three essential elements of mobile marketing so your local business can be more successful.  This article will focus on the top priority and first step to take – being found on Google.

Make Sure Customers Can Find You. Are You on Google Maps?

People are constantly searching for local businesses on their mobile phones, and as we mentioned earlier, much of it happens on Google.

The Challenge: Google maps rankings take into account both organic and paid efforts.

The Opportunity: Most local businesses haven’t done the optimization needed to win for their best keywords, which means you can quickly improve your rankings on Google and the other directories (before your competitors do!).

What You Can Do Now: Get moving now. With a growing number of searches happening locally (and most of them occurring on mobile), there is tremendous value in optimizing your online directories such as Google My Business.

Of all the directories out there, Google My Business is by far one of the most important. So if you haven’t already – open a new browser window, type your business address into Google, and claim it now.

When optimizing your listings, be sure to include all the categories you want to be searched for, incorporate keywords in your descriptions and add information to EVERY possible section. The more accurate information you have filled out, the more likely Google will factor your business into searches relevant to your keywords and location.

PRO TIP: Run our free GMB audit to see how your profile ranks.

Interested in the other two key elements of mobile marketing, check out the full article where Vivial  dives into incorporating Google ads and mobile optimization for your website.

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