“How much space do I need to store all my belongings?”

Calcumate is a 3D calculator that embeds onto any storage provider’s website, recommending the right amount of space to everyone that uses our software.

Calcumate increases revenue for self-storage companies, by improving the online experience for your potential customers. With our 3D storage calculator, you can show website visitors exactly how much space they need – instantly. As well as a next-generation space estimating tool, Calcumate is also a powerful lead generator and your sales team’s new best friend. Fully customisable, you can include the dimensions of your storage spaces, the items available and your own company branding. Once setup, Calcumate can be plugged onto your website in minutes. With no setup fees, or lock-in contracts, you can try Calcumate on your website risk-free. SBOA members receive a 90-day free trial (usually 30-days).

Calcumate Downloads

Take your customer experience to the next level with Calcumate’s unique 3D storage calculator.

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