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The Everbrite™ Restoration System “Brings Storage Doors Back to Life” and protects them from the sun with strong sunscreen and anti-oxidants. Faded, dull, chalky painted doors and metal buildings can be restored to look new again. Everbrite™ will restore painted metal to the original color and luster and provides strong sunscreen protection for paint.

Everbrite™ is a clear restoration coating that restores faded metal of any color. Everbrite™ is not a paint so there is NO masking or taping necessary. There is NO tricky or complicated mixing. Everbrite™ Coating is ready to apply. Clean the metal completely and apply Everbrite™ to restore the color and luster.

Everbrite can be DIY, or we can recommend one of the Certified Everbrite Contractors from our national network to complete the work.

SBOA members are eligible for a free Interior Wash & Wax with any Restoration Kit purchase.

Everbrite Coatings Downloads

Protect your doors and keep your self-storage facility looking great!

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