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Skyhawk is an IoT technology company with product development and manufacturing roots that date back 25+ years, uniquely positioned to pave the way for the next generation of remote monitoring technology.

The award-winning Skyhawk IoT platform offers unsurpassed nationwide coverage with our pioneering of a revolutionary new LTE cellular technology, an affordable way to deploy multiple sensors, and the simplest setups on the market today. Optimized to last for years on battery-power alone and with instant notifications sent when a storage-unit is accessed, Skyhawk products offer the ultimate peace of mind.

The Skyhawk Kiwi line of devices, along with the Skyhawk Partnership Program, enable self-storage facilities to offer a hardware monitoring solution without the need for facility infrastructure or installation, entirely liability-free. Facilities will additionally benefit from ongoing commission revenue from recurring subscriptions, regardless of where the device may be deployed.

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Skyhawk products offer the ultimate peace of mind.
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