Self-Storage Acquisitions Checklist | Webinar Recap

self storage acquisitions checklist webinar

Self-Storage Maintenance: Lists, Timelines, Supplies

Conducting effective financial due diligence will help buyers plan a strategic transaction and avoid mistakes. Self-storage acquisitions can look good on paper, but may have hidden problems that are only brought to light when looking below the surface.

Date: April 26, 2023               Length: 01:09:03

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Self-Storage Acquisitions Checklist - Panelists

Adam Karnes
Vice President
The BSC Group

R.K. Kliebenstein
Coast-to-Coast Realty Advisors, LLC

Curtis Burns
Regional Director
Absolute Storage Management

Peter Spickenagel
President & CEO
Citizen Storage

blink signs

Steven Weber
National Sales
Blink Signs

SBOA self storage business

Jessica Johnson
Vice President

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