Self Storage Investments & Partnerships: Pros & Cons | Webinar Recap

The Pros & Cons of Self Storage Investments and Partnerships

The Pros and Cons of Self Storage Investments and Partnerships Webinar Description

What are the pros and cons of self storage investments and partnerships? Growing demand, low overhead, and less management than traditional real estate make self-storage an enticing investment. In this episode of Self-Storage Unlocked, Scott Meyers and Jeremiah Boucher discuss the pros and cons of getting involved with a self-storage fund.

Date: November 3, 2022               Length: 01:03:34

Topics and Questions Discussed

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:15 What is the SBOA?

00:02:00 Housekeeping & Introductions

00:03:30 What does Patriot Holdings do?

00:05:05 Who is Jeremiah Boucher?

00:06:43 What is Self Storage Investing?

00:07:45 Who is Scott Meyers?

00:10:45 Advice for new self storage investors

00:14:00 What’s a good business model for self storage investing?

00:15:27 What to look for in a self storage partnership

00:18:00 GP vs LP

00:20:10 How do I find an investment partner?

00:23:50 What’s the Scott Meyers Mastermind Group?

00:25:57 What’s a good strategy for underwriting self storage?

00:29:30 Alternative financing for self storage investments

00:34:25 How to get started in real estate syndication

00:36:28 Being part of an investment fund

00:39:15 What is an accredited investor?

00:45:06 Criteria for a value-added self storage property

00:51:45 What are the challenges of finding a value-add property?

00:55:20 How to get a seller to put up the land for your self storage development

00:57:50 What works best? Direct mail, text, email, or random cold-calls

00:59:01 Are self storage conversion projects profitable?

01:02:34 Closing comments

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Self-Storage Investments & Partnerships Panelists

Patriot Holdings

Jeremiah Boucher
Founder & CEO
Patriot Holdings

self storage logo

Scott Meyers
Kingdom Storage Partners

Jessica Johnson
Vice President

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