Self-Storage Maintenance: Lists, Timelines, Supplies | Webinar Recap

self storage maintenance

Self-Storage Maintenance: Lists, Timelines, Supplies

Self-storage operator duties include keeping the site looking great, from the curb to the units; a maintenance strategy helps with this.

Date: March 30, 2023               Length: 01:03:35

Topics and Questions Discussed

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:17 What does the SBOA do?
00:03:03 Welcome and introductions from Jessica Johnson, SBOA Vice President
00:05:21 Brian Liles, CSSI Energy Services
00:07:28 Matthew Torrence, Janus International
00:08:44 Jackie Belau, EverBrite Coatings
00:09:42 Stephanie Winfree, Interstate Self-Storage
00:11:56 Warren Dazzio, CSSI Cost Segregation Services
00:14:19 What does Janus International offer in self-storage?
00:16:11 What are the big things to focus on for self-storage maintenance each season?
00:21:50 Why is lighting and signage important to your business?
00:23:50 Do I need to have the fire extinguisher(s) checked at my business?
00:24:30 Self-storage daily checklist sample
00:26:18 Who should handle pest control at a self-storage facility?
00:27:27 How automation is freeing up self-storage managers’ time
00:27:48 Renovations and budgeting expenses for your self-storage business
00:29:17 What is a capital event/expense?
00:31:02 What are the benefits of a cost segregation study?
00:31:55 Self-storage doors: Should I Restore, Repaint, or Replace?
00:35:26 How often should we restore the original color/luster on the doors at our self-storage business?
00:38:50 Are self-storage material costs stabilizing or no?
00:40:44 What rebates are available from local utilities?
00:42:45 What is a wall pack?
00:43:22 Utility rebate example for a self-storage facility
00:45:14 Are there any maintenance software programs specific to self-storage?
00:47:40 Suggested products for self-storage facility maintenance and curb appeal
00:50:12 Sample of zero cap-ex costs by using cost segregation services
00:54:11 What is the Janus Facilitate program?
00:56:40 SBOA Resources
00:56:58 Closing comments, upcoming SBOA events
00:59:43 Listen in on a real Mystery Shopping audit
01:02:23 How to get 2 free mystery shops at your self-storage locations

Important Links

Self-Storage Maintenance: Lists, Timelines, Supplies - Panelists

everbrite coatings

Jackie Belau
Everbrite Coatings

Brian Liles
Executive Vice President/ Principal
CSSI Energy Services

Warren Dazzio
Executive Vice President

Stephanie Winfree
Facility Manager
Interstate Self-Storage

Matthew Torrence
Director of R3 & Facilitate
Janus International Group

SBOA self storage business

Jessica Johnson
Vice President

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