Self Storage Social Media Marketing Made Easy | Webinar Recap

Self Storage Social Media Marketing Made Easy | Webinar Recap

Webinar Description

How does your self storage social media marketing measure up?

Producing social media content for your business can be a daunting task. But with a few simple practices, you can make your social media pages look like a professional marketing agency is managing them! Join Jessica and Iris as they discuss the tips and tricks to keep your social media content fresh and engaging!

Date: October 20, 2022               Length: 01:15:40

Topics and Questions Discussed

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:15 What is the SBOA?

00:02:00 Housekeeping & Introductions

00:04:10 Webinar overview

00:05:00 Why is social media marketing important and who’s using it?

00:12:45 What is the marketing funnel?

00:11:56 Why is social media important?

00:16:35 How to get your business started on social media

00:21:25 Social media strategy and planning

00:22:25 Content creation and scheduling

00:43:13 Quick Canva and Hootsuite demo

00:48:20 How to post polls on social media

00:49:20 Scheduling and creating social media for multiple locations

00:50:20 Ideas for creative social media content

00:56:32 Social media content to avoid

00:59:28 Post consistently at the best time

01:00:51 Setting CTAs

01:01:17 Watch your competition on social media

01:50:25 Setting CTAs

01:01:53 Conclusions: metrics you should track

01:05:25 The future of social media and social selling

01:06:19 Can I turn my blog into social media content?

01:07:00 More on watching your competitor’s social media

01:08:32 Presenting self-storage products on social media

01:11:11 What is the benefit of Facebook over other platforms?

01:14:09 Closing comments

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Social Media Marketing Made Easy Panelists

🔓Social Media Marketing Made Easy | SBOA Self-Storage Unlocked

Iris Petersen
Marketing Manager

Jessica Johnson
Vice President

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