The Advantages of Implementing an Individualized Unit Security Solution

Storage business owner using smart phone on smart lock

In this day and age, adopting security measures that go above and beyond your base responsibility as a self storage operator is becoming a requirement. How does a self storage owner or operator provide tenants with the peace of mind that their possessions are protected? Individual door security can distinguish your facility and provide an effective visual deterrent, resulting in greater customer confidence.

Self storage is a buyers’ market. In the past, most self storage businesses would overlook the extra layer of individual door security in fear of the cost. However, in such a competitive market, the improved customer confidence provided by individualized door security is an investment opportunity you canot afford to dismiss.

The technological advancements in recent years has made individual door security such as door alarms and smart locks, easily obtainable and simple to install. This has provided self storage businesses with a rare opportunity to use security upgrades as a means to improve customer retention, acquisition and the bottom line. Prospective tenants are more likely to select a highly secured facility and existing tenants have come to expect the extra security on site.

Facilities interested in upgrading should look to the experts such as your current access control vendor or a trusted dealer. Your security vendor should be able to clearly explain the benefits of their door security solutions to make it easy for you to advertise yourself as a top-notch facility with prospective customers.

Individualized door security is quickly becoming the new industry standard Facilities that do not take advantage of the opportunity to implement it will quickly become obsolete. In such a competitive marketplace, failure to deliver a security solution that improves customer confidence could be the differentiator that will ultimately cost you valuable rentals.  Learn more

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