Using Technology to Decrease Delinquencies | Webinar Recap

Using Technology to Decrease Delinquencies

Using Technology to Decrease Self-Storage Delinquencies

Discover smart ways to use technology to improve your collection efforts and free up enormous amounts of time and energy each month.

Date: March 16, 2023               Length: 01:04:11

Topics and Questions Discussed

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:23 What does the SBOA do?
00:03:03 Welcome from Jessica Johnson, SBOA Vice President
00:04:04 What does CallPotential do?
00:05:11 What does swivl do?
00:06:23 What does XPS Solutions do?
00:07:35 Break
00:09:25 Introductions
00:09:54 Holly Fiorello, CallPotential
00:10:23 Mason Levy, swivl
00:11:05 Jon Loftin, OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
00:12:06 Sherry Miller, XPS Solutions
00:12:50 Why is autopay important?
00:14:00 What software can help me manage my self-storage business?
00:15:35 How can OpenTech kiosks help me run my self-storage business?
00:19:13 Can swivl help self-storage businesses decrease tenant delinquencies?
00:22:34 What is Omni Channel?
00:25:40 How can chatbots help my website?
00:27:53 What ways do people prefer to pay for their self-storage unit?
00:28:35 Which systems do auto outbound calls for tenant payments?
00:34:29 Are you experiencing higher tenant delinquencies? 
00:35:25 How often should you audit your technology process(es)?
00:36:45 Does Mystery Shopping help with running a business?
00:38:18 Are there locks on the market to help with delinquencies?
00:42:25 How has technology in self-storage evolved?
00:46:46 What is the SSA YLG?
00:49:00 What is the self-storage auction process like?
00:51:50 What’s coming in self-storage tech?
01:00:47 Closing comments, upcoming SBOA events

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Using Technology to Decrease Self-Storage Delinquencies - Panelists

Holly Fiorello
Vice President of Marketing

Sherry Miller
Client Solutions Manager
XPS Solutions

Jon Loftin
SVP Product
OpenTech Alliance, Inc.

Mason Levy

SBOA self storage business

Jessica Johnson
Vice President

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