Webinar Recap: Finding the Sweetest Self-Storage Deals with Feasibility and Market Studies

self-storage feasibility studies rk kliebenstein

Webinar Details

Description: If you are looking to purchase or build a self-storage facility you should consider hiring a consultant or advisory firm to execute a feasibility study and other pertinent research on your behalf. These studies provide discerning factors that may either encourage or discourage you to pursue a project. Learn from the experts if the deal is as sweet as you think it is.

Date: February 17, 2022               Length: 53:31

Poll Questions & Responses

Have you considered hiring a consultant to help you?
YES 72%
NO 28%
Have you had a feasibility study executed in the past?
YES 40%
NO 60%
What should a feasibility study cost?
Under $2K 16%
$2K - $5K 68%
$5K - $8K 16%

Topics and Questions Discussed

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Webinar Sponsors

bsc group

Webinar Panelists

Devin Huber
Principal & Founding Member

RK Kliebenstein

black swan storage matt van horn

Matthew Van Horn

Ian Burnstein
President & Co-Founder

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