Webinar Recap: Get Ready to Spring into the High Lease Season: A Survival Guide for Self-Storage Business Owners

Get Ready to Spring into the High Lease Season: A Survival Guide for Self-Storage Business Owners

Webinar Details

Description: In this Self-Storage Unlocked, our panelists discuss key strategies to get ready for the high lease season:

🔑Have your seasoned and new managers been properly trained to take on the busy season?
🔑Is your property in optimal condition to attract new tenants?
🔑Is your retail area fully stocked to sell boxes, locks, mattress covers and more?
🔑Do you have the best software in place to maximize workflow?
🔑Is your marketing plan solid and designed to reach your target audience?
🔑Do you have a plan to avoid missed phone calls?

These are just some of the many questions you should be asking yourself as you gear up to take on the busy season. Watch to learn the tips and tricks from the experts on how they get prepared and survive the busiest season in self-storage!

Date: April 1, 2022               Length: 1:02

Topics and Questions Discussed

  1:10 – What is the Storage Business Owners Alliance?
  2:30 – Introductions & Housekeeping
  5:00 – Meet the Moderator & Panelists (See contact information below)
10:30 – How do you prepare/train your self-storage staff?
12:30 – What’s the best way to keep employees up to date on industry information?
13:53 – How critical is automation for facility owners?
16:15 – Software solutions: what are the critical pieces?
19:35 – What are the benefits of offering tenant insurance
21:50 – What is a competitive survey?
24:45 – Pricing strategy: The importance of upselling
26:09 – How often do you check your website for accuracy?
29:20 – How can a facility operator help clients in a fire/catastrophe?
31:17 – Tennant insurance rates/coverage
37:30 – How important are ancillary products? (Boxes, locks, etc.)
43:25 – Best promotional items for self storage businesses
45:45 – What are the parameters of using a call center?
50:45 – Are there scheduled checklists that an owner/manager should be doing regularly?
56:00 – Closing remarks

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Webinar Sponsors

Guest Moderator

the storage group logo

Chad Lundberg
Managing Partner
The Storage Group

Webinar Panelists

Shannon Charbonneau
Director of Client Relations

Universal Storage Group

Sarah Beth Johnson
Business Development Manager

Bryan Mosser
Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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