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The SBOA is the leading national alliance of self storage owners and operators.

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HR labor cost savings

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Operational cost savings

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SBOA Savings Program for your Self Storage Business

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The Storage Business Owners Alliance Partners

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The Storage Business
Owners Alliance Vision

The SBOA is dedicated to increasing profitability by providing significant discounts from industry-leading partners. By leveraging more than 17,000 members, we are able to negotiate pricing that reduces operating expenses on the products and services self storage owners and operators frequently use.

The SBOA supports more than 17,000 members which results in enhanced buying power for our members.

Featured Industry News

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The BSC Group Deal of the Month

The BSC Group recently closed a $6.3M fixed rate permanent loan for an Arizona based sponsor. The loan proceeds were used to refinance a newly developed, multi-story self-storage facility in suburban Phoenix. The new loan retired the developer’s construction debt and provided a fixed interest rate under 3% for 10 years, with interest only amortization

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Storable Case studies

Storable Case Study

FREEDOM STORAGE GOES CONTACTLESS   As shelter-in-place orders went into effect across the United States during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, operators had to quickly adapt to a changing world and new way of doing business. With the help of Storable’s platform of powerful technology, Freedom Storage was able to adapt, overcome, and thrive

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