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The SBOA is the leading national alliance of self storage owners and operators.

Results Matter. We provide discounted programs and services.

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HR labor cost savings

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Lower insurance premiums

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Operational cost savings

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SBOA Savings Program for your Self Storage Business

Stop paying high prices for the products and services you need.
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The Storage Business Owners Alliance Partners

Explore the benefits and opportunities SBOA Savings Program offers tailored to your business. Take advantage of our partnerships today!

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The Storage Business
Owners Alliance Vision

The SBOA is dedicated to increasing profitability by providing significant discounts from industry-leading partners. By leveraging more than 17,000 members, we are able to negotiate pricing that reduces operating expenses on the products and services self storage owners and operators frequently use.

The SBOA supports more than 17,000 members which results in enhanced buying power for our members.

Featured Industry News

Self Storage Doors

BSC Group – Deal of the Month

The BSC Group recently arranged a $4.6MM bridge loan for an east coast sponsor. The financing package was used to refinance a self storage property that had not hit stabilization prior to the maturity of an acquisition loan that was placed on the property 24 months earlier. The new 5 year interest only loan featured

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woman writing financials in notebook

Accounting Tips for Small Business

As a small business owner, when it comes to running a company you wear lots of hats. You handle staff, work on new ideas and business opportunities and ultimately make sure that your customers are satisfied! Among those (and many more) important responsibilities is your small business accounting. Monitoring the financing of your company is

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