5 Reasons HR Outsourcing will Simplify Your Self-Storage Business

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As a self-storage facility owner or manager, your focus should be on the services that you offer your clients. But often, administrative tasks, such as payroll management and hiring new employees, can tie you down, slowing the growth of your self-storage operation.

Thankfully, HR outsourcing is an ideal resource that can help you easily optimize your business. Here’s how:

Focused Staff

We understand that self-storage facilities can often be efficiently run by a small, but mighty, team, so chances are that you might not need an internal HR department. Facility owners and managers that take on the many roles of an HR department, however, can lose precious time which could have been easily saved by an HR outsourcing firm.

Technological Advancements

Many self-storage facilities are still stuck using complex payroll and employee onboarding methods. By outsourcing HR, your organization can gain access to state-of-the-art, streamlined HR technology that includes applicant tracking, time and attendance, and benefits enrollment tools.

Navigate Compliance

Regulations are always changing when it comes to employment law and payroll and tax compliance. With access to a certified HR professional, you won’t need to lose crucial time learning about various laws, or worse, risking legal backlash.

Improve Employee Retention

In a competitive marketplace, retaining your best talent is critical to your success. By providing large, corporate-style benefits and perks, we can help your workplace remain supportive of current employees while also standing out to potential new hires.

Effortlessly Grow Your Business

Whether you’re a new self-storage facility, or a growing facility expanding into new states, an HR partner can help streamline your process and deal with time-consuming administrative tasks.

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