Self Storage Educational Events

The SBOA presents a dynamic lineup of self storage educational events, designed to empower industry professionals at every level. Our calendar is packed with enriching opportunities, such as the renowned Spring and Fall educational summits, as well as the engaging bi-weekly webinar series, Self-Storage Unlocked.

An exciting addition in 2022 was the introduction of the educational series, Storage for Rookies, a series of half-day virtual events tailored to serve newcomers venturing into the self-storage arena, seasoned industry veterans seeking fresh insights, and adept self-storage managers aiming to refine their skills.

These events offer a comprehensive platform to learn, network, and excel, reinforcing SBOA’s commitment to fostering continuous growth and excellence within the ever-evolving self-storage landscape. Join us on this enlightening journey to unlock the full potential of self-storage success through our diverse and informative educational events.

Upcoming SBOA Events

🔓Self-Storage Unlocked

Self-Storage Unlocked is a dynamic and informative bi-weekly webinar series brought to life by the Self Storage Association (SBOA). Designed exclusively for self-storage owners and operators, this live series serves as an unrivaled platform for staying up-to-date with industry-leading products and services. Each session delivers cutting-edge insights, fostering growth, and improving operations within the ever-evolving self-storage landscape. Attendees gain access to top-notch professionals and experts, deepening their understanding of the latest trends, innovations, and best practices. With its interactive format and collaborative spirit, Self-Storage Unlocked empowers participants to unlock their fullest potential and succeed in the competitive self-storage market.

You can view all of our past Self-Storage Unlocked episodes on our YouTube channel, here.

Storage for Rookies

Storage for Rookies allows you to learn the basics of self-storage, hear from industry experts, and source leading service providers. This program was designed to help you get the right start in your self-storage journey! Learn more about Storage for Rookies here.

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