Legal Concerns for Your Self Storage Business | Webinar Recap

Legal Concerns self storage

Addressing Legal Concerns for Your Self Storage Business - Webinar Description

When you own a self storage business, unexpected legal concerns can arise. You may find yourself faced with many issues and decisions that you never thought of, and legal inconveniences may be an unfortunate side effect. In this episode of Self-Storage Unlocked, our experts will discuss such issues, along with considerations for dealing with them.

Date: December 2, 2022               Length: 00:54:58

Topics and Questions Discussed

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:15 What is the SBOA?

00:02:00 Introductions

00:03:23 What is

00:06:28 What is Late2Lien?

00:10:45 When should I hire a lawyer for my self-storage business?

00:15:00 State compliance for self-storage businesses

00:18:20 Keeping track of changing laws in self-storage

00:23:55 Self-storage lien laws vary from state to state

00:26:47 New self-storage laws for old/existing leases – what to do?

00:31:45 Using online lawyers for a self-storage lease agreement

00:33:12 What to do if a tenant passes away?

00:38:35 Wrongful sale of personal property

00:44:25 What if a tenant goes to jail?

00:46:12 Why well-written self-storage rental agreements are so important

00:47:45 Can Late2Lien help me in any U.S. state?

00:48:55 Should contracts include a social security number and license information?

00:50:42 Closing comments

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Addressing Legal Concerns for Your Self Storage Business - Panelists

Alonna Ross
Business Development Manager

Jeff Greenberger
Self-storage Attorney
Founder, Late2Lien

Jessica Johnson
Vice President

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