Webinar Recap: Don’t Rely On Luck – Plan Ahead! How to Properly Develop Marketing Budgets and Plans

How to Develop Marketing Budgets and Plans

Webinar Details

Description: Making the best use of the dollars you spend may feel like a daunting task. Setting budgets helps keep your goals in mind and costs under control. With so many ways to market your self-storage facility the measurement of the results from marketing initiatives is critical. This is a fluid process and one that should be analyzed often. Come learn from the experts as they suggest the strategies and tactics that have produced the best results. 

Be sure to watch listen to James Reid at 26:45 for some super creative ways to get your marketing noticed!

Date: March 17, 2022               Length: 1:02

Topics and Questions Discussed

  1:20 – Introduction & Housekeeping
  5:50 – Guest Moderator: Grace Totty
  7:00 – Panelist Introductions
15:50 – Developing a Marketing Budget
18:00 – Budgeting from an SEO Standpoint
23:00 – Planning a Marketing Calendar
26:45 – Getting Creative!!
29:50 – Social Media vs Google: Maximizing Your Marketing Budget
35:00 – When to Adjust Your Marketing Budget
37:43 – When Should I Budget for More SEO Marketing?
43:30 – Value Proposition: When to Focus on SEO?
46:17 – What about Billboard Advertising?
49:40 – What’s the Best Way to Track Marketing ROI?
55:00 – Tools to Leverage Your Own Marketing
59:00 – Closing Remarks

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Webinar Sponsors

Guest Moderator

Grace Totty
Vice President Marketing

Webinar Panelists

Alison DeJaeger

Charles Needham
Manager SEO

Melissa Styles
Vice President of Marketing & Sales

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