Why it’s Hard to Hire Right Now in Self-Storage

What’s going on in the labor market?

Many self-storage owners believe that expanded federal benefits are to blame for the current hiring difficulties we are all facing.  But, perhaps employees are just not impressed by their prospects.  Candidates have become very particular about what is being offered to them by employers.

So, how can you gain a competitive advantage in brining in more candidates?

Managing the Message

Bringing in new or multiple new candidates all comes down to their initial reaction of your company. If they are not impressed with the job or company, your phone/email might be fairly quiet. But many self-storage owners are not experts in the recruitment process.  Therefore, they do not know how to effectively promote themselves to potential new hires.

Self-storage owners can work with HR professionals, such as those at SynchronyHR, to improve their recruitment messaging.   Captivating position descriptions, compensation packages, and company overviews are just a few suggestions.

Offering More

Many potential candidates are choosing to stay at home rather than seek out work.  In order to attract and retain employees something extra needs to be done.  There are a great deal of benefits that employers can offer employees.  Benefits like health plans, dental and vision plans, financial wellness programs, legal services, theft protection, pet insurance, and more.

But how can one gain access to these benefits without breaking the bank? No matter the size of your business, HR outsourcing (HRO) companies can provide you with an array of large, corporate-style benefits. Most of these offerings are no cost to the employer and are employee paid.

HROs can also help your company build towards a workplace culture that might attract more candidates. They can help craft hybrid or remote working options, wellness initiatives, team building activities, bonus programs, and a safe work environment.

Utilizing Technology

Even with the best messaging and perks, self-storage owners may still find it difficult to navigate the hiring process. Hiring a new employee can be expensive, timely, and very difficult in today’s changing job market.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have become key in reducing many of these concerns. ATS software streamlines the processes of posting to job boards, tracking applications, assessing applicants, and communicating with them.  ATS software automates the recruitment process,  saves time and money, and source the right candidates for your job.

At SynchronyHR, we not only offer our clients help with top-tier ATS software, but also assist them in using its many features.  You are able to set-up automated emails, automated SMS messages, and custom screening questions that rank applicants.

We also integrate the ATS software with our onboarding and payroll tools.  By doing this it creates a seamless transition from recruitment, to onboarding, to sending out the employees first paycheck.

Technology is Here to Stay

By utilizing the services and solutions of an HR outsourcing company self-storage owners can tap into a strong pipeline of talent. If you are interested in learning more, contact the SynchronyHR team.

We are also partnering with SBOA to provide an in-depth look into our ATS. Those interested can join us on June 24th at 2PM EST. Registration information for the “Current Hiring Difficulties in Self-Storage” can be found here.

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