How to Motivate Your Sales Team | Webinar Recap

How to Motivate Your Sales Team | Webinar Recap

Webinar Description


Team motivation is one of the most important components of tenant retention over time. In this episode of Self Storage Unlocked, our expert panelists discuss:

  • How to keep your team morale high.
  • Training your team to face common sales objections.
  • How to boost your team’s positivity and sales performance.

Date: September 1, 2022               Length: 01:00:08

Topics and Questions Discussed

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:15 What is the SBOA?
00:02:00 Housekeeping & Introductions
00:11:00 Do you trust your manager? – Red flags
00:12:50 Explaining CAP rates and NOI to your manager(s)
00:15:42 How often do you look at financials with your managers?
00:18:00 What’s important for a self-storage manager to understand?
00:18:55 How do you keep your managers motivated? – Contests and incentives
00:21:20 How to communicate sales-driven results to your team
00:25:11 What metrics do you use to base incentives on?
00:28:15 Are these strategies having the desired impact on your business?
00:32:20 Hiring and recruiting: finding the right person for the job
00:36:40 Lease-up property vs. Stabilized property: who to hire
00:39:30 Do certain hiring practices limit your candidate pool?
00:40:20 How to gauge a candidate’s knowledge of the self-storage business
00:41:47 Job shadowing pros and cons
00:44:32 Overcoming sales objections 
00:49:57 How to motivate staff to drive retail product sales?
00:53:53 How do I sell merchandise with less foot traffic coming in the door?
00:56:00 Fire round: Best tips for KPIs to measure

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