How to Improve Your Self Storage NOI | Webinar Recap

How to Improve Your Self-Storage NOI webinar

🔓Enhancing Operations with Mystery Shopping and Internal Audits | SBOA Self-Storage Unlocked

As a self-storage operator, you should always be looking to improve net operating income and, therefore, facility value. Join this expert group of speakers as they discuss the different strategies they have used to increase their NOI at their facilities.
Join Jessica from the SBOA along with:
Grace Totty – Vice President of Marketing (Absolute Storage Management)
Lonnie Bickford – Founder and CEO ( and Storage Gives)
Kathryn East – Business Mentor (Self Storage Investing)
Adam Karnes – Vice President (The BSC Group)

Date: June 1, 2023               Length: 01:04:14

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Self Storage Mystery Shopping & Internal Audits: Enhancing Operations - Panelists

Grace Totty
VP of Marketing
Absolute Storage Management

Adam Karnes
Vice President
The BSC Group

Erik Arndt
Solutions Account Manager
RealPage, Inc.

Kathryn East
Business Mentor
Self Storage Investing

SBOA self storage business

Jessica Johnson
Vice President

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